Houlihansfeedback – Get Coupon Code – Houlihans Survey

Houlihansfeedback – This organization goes by the name of Houlihan. Giving the company valuable information in return for free gifts and a coupon code for Houlihan’s is a win-win situation. Are Houlihan’s regular customers in for a pleasant surprise?


Houlihansfeedback – Get Coupon Code – Houlihans Survey

In this case, might it be you? If your answer is yes, then you’ve found the right place to save money on your next trip to a Houlihan’s restaurant.

Use Houlihan’s online survey to tell them whether the services they presently provide are enough or not, and what additional elements they should focus on and consider in order to improve the service they are currently giving.

Visit www.Houlihansfeedback.com to participate in the company’s Satisfaction Survey and leave your feedback. In order for Houlihan’s to stay competitive and to connect customers with the company, the restaurant’s Client Satisfaction Survey is crucial. To put it another way, your honest feedback is essential to attaining excellent results.

How do you take the Houlihan survey

Visit www.Houlihansfeedback.com for more information. Afterwards, enter the code number that may be located on the back of your sales receipt. In order to get things started, click the “START” button on your keyboard. Houlihan’s will ask you a series of questions regarding your most recent experience there.

Based on what you know now about the visit, how satisfied are you with it overall? Using a scale ranging from delighted to dissatisfied, rate your level of satisfaction with the survey items on a scale of 1 to 10.

During your visit or purchase, you may be asked questions regarding a variety of topics, including the Houlihan’s Menu, Houlihan’s Deliveries, Houlihan’s Pricing, Houlihan’s Regions, Houlihan’s Availability, and many more.

Your email address, along with other personally identifiable information, will now be required from you. Simply answer all of the questions in the Houlihan’s survey to get the discount for your meal.

Houlihansfeedback - Get Coupon Code - Houlihans Survey

Houlihans Survey Benefits and Rewards

A prize package of up to $100 worth of Houlihan’s coupons may be won by completing the Houlihan’s Guest Questionnaire on the Houlihan’s Portal.

In addition, you will get a promo code from Houlihan’s after completing the Guest Feedback Survey at Houlihan’s. You’ll save money at Houlihan’s in the future when you use this coupon.

The reason for filling out this survey might change at any moment. In addition, the “Survey Reward” you get is based on the information you provide on your confirmation receipt. As a consequence, be sure to verify the fine print on your receipt.

Houlihans Survey Rules and Regulations

  • To participate, you must be a legal resident of one or more of the United States of America.
  • To participate, you must be at least 18 years old.
  • The English term must be well understood.
  • There must be some kind of network connection for this to operate.
  • You must bring your receipt to the online survey in order to participate.
  • There is a limit on the number of times a person may take the survey each day.
  • However, Houlihan’s workers and their immediate family members or agents are not allowed to participate in the poll.
  • Discounts may only be obtained by entering a valid email address at checkout.


About Houlihans Survey

The corporate offices of Houlihan’s may be found in Leawood, Kansas. Houlihan’s is a network of American casual restaurants and bars that are 60 percent franchised. The first Houlihan’s restaurant opened its doors for business on April 1, 1972, in Kansas City’s Country Club Plaza.

As of now, the brand has 84 locations spread throughout 18 states. The name “The New Houlihan’s” was given to the establishment because of its previous site, which was known as Houlihan’s Old Place.



In order to learn more about Houlihan’s Customer Experience Survey, you may visit the company’s official website, www.Houlihansfeedback.com, which is linked below. Were you able to complete the Houlihan’s Online Survey? If so, thank you for taking the time to do so.

Houlihans Survey FAQs

  • Is there a way to adjust the prize for this survey?

Answer – The reward for completing this quiz may be changed at any moment. Based on the information on your receipt, your “Survey Rewards” will be different from those of other customers. As a consequence, be sure to verify the fine print on your receipt.

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