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The name of this company is company provides a reward of a Validation Code card to its customer when they complete their survey. - Win $1000 in Free Groceries - Metro Survey

To gauge customer satisfaction with various factors, including the quality of service they received and the value they received from the items they purchased, Metro has created an online survey called the Metro Survey.  company is interested in using your feedback to make adjustments to the store. These alterations might include better parking alternatives and more attentive customer service. By participating in this survey, you will have a chance to hear your voice. 

To maximise the possibility that you would use their services again, the company welcomes feedback from customers like you.

The company has shown to get a deeper understanding of the inner workings of its retail outlets, and this is an ideal chance to do so. The affirmative responses are helpful since they highlight their achievements.

They pick up on their errors and may then focus on rectifying them - Win $1000 in Free Groceries - Metro Survey

How to Take Metro Survey

Visit metrosondage, the official website of the Metro review, to submit your entry.

Please take the time to read the complete set of instructions provided below.

Enter the valid Code that appears on your receipt now.

And begin your survey immediately.

Also, please respond completely, basing your responses on your most recent ride on the Metro.

Your first and last name, email, and a separate confirmation email address are all required pieces of information.

You may be sure that your details will not be utilised for anything other than what they were collected for.

Fill out the Metro Customer Survey, and you’ll be eligible to win $1,000 to spend on groceries. - Win $1000 in Free Groceries - Metro Survey

Benefits and Rewards

You may enter to win $1,000 in grocery money just by sharing your thoughts about Metro’s customer service.

Terms and Conditions or Rules Metro Survey

The only eligibility requirement is that all participants be Canadian citizens or permanent residents residing in the province of Ontario.

The maximum number of surveys per receipt each month that Metro customers may engage in is two.

Members have never worked at one of Metro’s retail locations.

No current or former employees, partners, or members of their families are eligible to vote in this survey.

You have seven days from the time the transaction was made to complete the survey after receiving the receipt.

Metro has the right to cancel the agreement at any time. - Win $1000 in Free Groceries - Metro Survey

About Metro Survey Company

Metro, a network of supermarkets and drugstores, dominates the American market. It covers a vast area of Ontario and Quebec.

Nearly 600 supermarkets operate under the various titles “Metro,” “Super C,” “Metro Plus,” and “Food Basics,” all of which relate to the same business.

The names “Pharmacy and Drug Basics,” “Clini Plus,” and “Brunet” are used by over 250 pharmacies and drug shops in the United States.

In 2015, the company known as “McMahon Distributeur Pharmaceuteque Inc.” was linked to the activities of more than 180 pharmacists, not including the many other pharmacists who worked for the various subsidiary firms of the leading company - Win $1000 in Free Groceries - Metro Survey


Customers of the Metro Ontario network are being urged to participate in an online customer satisfaction survey in which they will be given a chance to provide honest feedback on their most recent visit to any of the firm’s establishments.

The link to the survey for customers may be found in the following. Participants will be placed into a drawing to win $1,000 worth of free meals if they answer the survey within the specified time limit. Survey FAQs

  • Question – Could they fill out the survey electronically instead?

Answer: Absolutely.

  • Question – Why should they take part in surveys offered by Metrosurvey California?

Answer: Having their opinion heard is easy with the Metro Online Questionnaire. they may share their thoughts with Metro and provide comments on how they can enhance the customer service they provide to increase their likelihood of getting them to come back again. This is an excellent approach for Metro to gain insight into what is happening at each location.

  • Question – Where can they find a Metro Store, and what goods and services do they offer?

Answer: they may find the famous supermarket store Metro throughout Ontario and Quebec. They provide a large selection of groceries and drugs to their clientele. The Metro Stores chain, which includes about 600 different supermarkets under the names “Metro,” “Super C,” “Metro Plus,” and “Grocery Basics,” sells high-priced yet healthy and high-quality food and grocery items.

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