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The name of this company is company provides a reward of a $500 Sears gift card to its customer when they complete their survey. - $500 Gift Card -Sears Survey

The Sears Customer Satisfaction Form, which can be obtained at Searsfeedback, is a short online survey that allows customers to submit meaningful and substantial feedback regarding their most recent experience with Sears.

So that the business can enhance the experience for customers like you, they genuinely want you to supply them with this feedback. You may take this online survey anytime you have a few minutes to spare.

If you participate in this survey, you’ll be able to share your thoughts and ideas with the company. It’s in their best interest to discover what works and what doesn’t so that they can make improvements.

They’ll put this data to good use to make your time with them even better. For your time, they’ll put you into a drawing for $500 worth of Shop Your Way Points in return for your participation. - $500 Gift Card -Sears Survey

How To Take The Survey

After completing the transaction, you’ll get a receipt containing the code.

You can access the Sears Customer Satisfaction Survey by clicking on the button above.

You may choose either English or Spanish as the language of your choice in this section.

This time, you’ll find a 12-digit receipt number at the bottom of your receipt.

Your arrival date should be the purchase date, not the other way around.

To continue, choose the “NEXT” option.

Some inquiries concerning your visit and purchase are included in this section.

Openly and honestly answer each of the survey questions.

A rating system is used to display the replies.

The NEXT button will appear when you have answered all the survey questions, and clicking this button will complete the survey.

Please include your submission’s name, address, e-mail address, and phone number.

A drawing for a gift card will be held after you finish the survey, and then click “NEXT” at the end of the questionnaire. - $500 Gift Card -Sears Survey

Benefits And Rewards

A sweepstake is offered to customers who complete the Sears Guest Experience Survey, which gives them a chance to win a prize.

The receipt from your most recent Sears purchase is required to participate in the survey and be eligible for the prize.

You’ll be placed into a monthly drawing for a $500 Sears gift card as a reward if you sign up for the newsletter. - $500 Gift Card -Sears Survey

Terms and Conditions or Rules

Purchasing or making a payment is not required.

Citizens or permanent residents of the United States of America are required to participate.

Each transaction will be the subject of a separate survey.

Each monthly drawing has a prize limit of one winning entry per person.

One winner from each participant is all that may be selected.

To accept a reward, you must get it as it is provided.

You may not submit on behalf of another individual.

Participants must be at least 18 years old to participate in this event.

It is the winners’ responsibility to pay any tax liabilities.

All employees and coworkers are prohibited from entering. - $500 Gift Card -Sears Survey

About Company

Regarding exceptional customer service, Sears, a well-known American retailer, emphasizes in-store and online contact with customers.

The multi-channel retailer sells a wide range of goods with its corporate headquarters in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

Automobile repair equipment, home appliances, tools, and many other items fall under this category. It oversees the operations of tens of thousands of businesses around the country. - $500 Gift Card -Sears Survey


A $500 Sears gift card might be yours if you follow these simple steps. By now, you should know the answer and give some attention to your participation in the Sears Feedback Survey. You will not need to compromise to win the next official Sears Survey.

The Sears Customer Satisfaction Survey may only be completed by going to the SearsFeedback website. That you’re making an effort to take advantage of this invaluable opportunity is quite encouraging. FAQs

  • Question – Is it true that Sears Home Services is about to shut down?

Answer: Unfortunately, the Sears store in the town has closed its doors. No, They don’t know whether they’re still in business. Yes! Sears Home Services experts can help customers with appliance maintenance, repairs, and home improvement projects even if they don’t live near a Sears store. Even if there isn’t a Sears store nearby, consumers may rest easy knowing that you have this guarantee.

  • Question – Is anybody aware of who acquired Sears’ home services division?

Answer: Department store operator Eddie Lampert, a hedge fund manager, and the firm’s largest stakeholder, acquired the business for $5.2 billion after the company’s bankruptcy in 2018. Lampert became one of the company’s brightest diamonds.

  • Question –  Are Sears Home Warranty applications easier to get now?

Answer: If users are looking for house warranties from Sears, they may get them via Cinch Home Services, a part of the parent company Sears Holdings. The company’s customers that offer house warranties may choose from three contracts. These plans cover the expense of repairing or replacing essential household appliances Systems.

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