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This eatery values customer opinions and hopes to use them to enhance their service and survey.

This establishment has become well-known for its delicious coffee, which has contributed much to its success. Participants in this restaurant’s surveys are eligible for prizes and other incentives.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the survey or about the restaurant, the helpful staff will be more than happy to assist you.

Tips for Filling Out a Survey

Applying for a survey online becomes a hassle. You may take a survey without any worries by following these instructions. Visit, which is the company’s main website.

Then, enter the 14-digit code printed on your invoice. After that, choose the time that corresponds to the one on your receipt and press the start button.

Your ticket will have a series of questions, all of which must be answered. When you’re done with the survey, you’ll get a confirmation page.

Positive Results and Incentives

As a thank you for taking the time to fill out the survey, you will be eligible to win a gift, such as a discount voucher. However, this ticket may only be used for a surprise gift or sweepstakes entry when shown to the staff at a Caribou Coffee location.

Clauses and Requirements

  • You must abide by these rules to eat at this restaurant. You should be fluent in English or Spanish.
  • You must keep your receipt until 30 days have passed from the date of purchase in order to use the one additional experience shown on the receipt. Caribou Coffee requires that you have been within the last week in order to get entry.
  • The visitor’s minimum age must be 18 years old. Only one participant in the survey may use a single receipt. Moreover, you are not permitted to share any restaurant prizes or rewards with any other parties.
  • In order to participate in this survey, you will need to have a receipt from your most recent visit to this restaurant on hand.
  • Keep in mind that the whole country (including DC) is included in this study. If you visit this eatery, it is in your best interest to have a receipt with you. Knowing both English and Spanish as a reading language would be ideal.

This Business’ Background

The company’s founders set out to fill a need for tea, homemade coffee, bakery items, and sandwiches when they established the business in 1992. This chain presently has over 273 cafes spread throughout 18 different states.

Today, Caribou Coffee employs over 6,000 people. The tagline “life is brief” is another trademark of this corporation. Don’t go to sleep!


One of the greatest and most well-known brands in the world, it recently conducted a poll to get consumer input in an effort to improve its connection with those who frequent its online store. of FAQs

  • Can you tell me how many days the Caribou Coffee survey will take?

Answer – The survey should be easy to understand and digest in a few seconds, making the whole experience more enjoyable. A survey with 20 questions should take someone with an eighth-grade reading level no more than 5 minutes to complete.

  • Is it safe to provide personal information here?

Answer – Through their usage of the web, people may gather and share data while maintaining their anonymity. Collet data collected by Tellcaribou is safe and secure; no one may access it without your explicit consent.

All participants may be certain that their personal information is secure according to the company’s transparent privacy policy.

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