– Win Free $1 Coffee – Tim Hortons Survey – You may quickly complete the official Tim Hortons customer satisfaction survey at – Win Free $1 Coffee – Tim Hortons Survey

The goal of the Tim Hortons Survey is to get as much truthful and sincere input from the restaurant’s patrons as possible.

The firm starts to enhance the customer experience, the Tim Hortons menu, the service, and the facilities of the Tim Hortons store by using your input from the Telltims Survey.

Tim Hortons thanks you for being honest and taking the time to complete the brief online survey – Tim Hortons Feedback Survey.

After completing the online Survey, Tim Hortons is presently giving out Tim Hortons Coupons that may be used to receive $2 off your next purchase.

How to take Tim Horton’s survey?

Visit the official Tim Hortons Survey website at first. First Tim Hortons SurveyPlease input the survey code on your receipt’s bottom.

The Tim Hortons survey will then start when you click the Start button Consider your visit to Tim Hortons and respond to a few questions about it.Answer each question truthfully. Indicate your level of satisfaction overall.

Gifts and Rewards by Tim Horton’s Survey

A Tim Hortons coupon will be given to each and every consumer who successfully completed the online Tim Hortons survey.

For this reason, make sure to swiftly jot down the Tim Hortons voucher code on your receipt and keep the receipt close to hand so that you may redeem your deal.

You will receive a free coffee with your subsequent Tim Hortons purchase if you present the Tim Hortons coupon.

The Tim Horton’s survey has an incentive system in place to encourage more individuals to participate. You will receive a validation number at the conclusion of the survey, which you must submit to the restaurant when you return to receive a discount or even a free dinner.

Ensure that you use the validation code within 30 days of receiving it since beyond that time it will no longer be valid and usable.

Rules and Regulation by Tim Horton’s Survey

You must abide by a few fundamental guidelines & conditions in order to effectively complete the Telis’s Survey.

So, adhere to the instructions below.

  • Participants must be citizens of Canada and the United States and have valid visas.
  • Each participant must be at least 18 years old.
  • Tim Hortons customers can take up to 2 surveys in a month per receipt.
  • After completing the survey, participants have 30 days to use the promo coupons.
  • Participants have never had a job at a Tim Hortons location
  • The poll is not open to recent workers, partner businesses, or their immediate families.
  • You have three days to complete the survey using your valid purchase receipt.
  • Tim Hortons is entitled to revoke the participant’s voucher for any reason.

About Company

An online customer satisfaction poll called the Tim Hortons Survey was initiated by the Tim Hortons restaurant. This customer survey was launched primarily to learn what consumers thought of the food and services they received.

They will be able to respond to client feedback and enhance both the quality of their cuisine and their services as a result.

It’s not a one-sided relationship; after completing the survey, there are several incentives available to you. Take the Tim Hortons survey to receive a free donut, a single iced coffee, or a single Timbit.

To redeem $1 Timbits and other offers, you must have a Tim Hortons survey code. For information on how to obtain the Tim Hortons survey code, click here.


You may now go and share your Tim Hortons Visit Experience as this site has provided the guidelines and regulations for participating in the Tim Hortons Survey online.

And in return, get Tim Hortons coupons so you may use them to redeem your savings. of FAQs

  • What is the procedure for taking the Tim Hortons survey?

Answer – To complete the Tim Hortons survey, go to and enter the code that was supplied to you.

  • What Do You Get if You Take the Tim Hortons Survey?

 Answer – The answer is discount codes.

  • How long does Telis’s take to finish?

Answer – Telis’s takes a varying amount of time for every person. Varied persons have variable characteristics, such as different internet strengths and speeds. It will, however, take around five minutes to finish the survey with average speed and a strong internet connection.

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